Copier and laser printer service center

Copier service FIX Ltd. is a real copier and laser printer service centre for wide range of brands and models since 1992.

FIX Ltd offer:

  1. Full range of office copiers: SHARP, Triumph Adler and TOSHIBA, system installation, user instructions, warranty and maintenance as well as full service under the contract.
  2. XEROX, RICOH and Triumph Adler wide format copying and printing systems, system installation, user instructions, warranty and maintenance.
  3. Hewlett Packard, Canon, Triumph Adler laser printer, laser fax machine and multifuncional device maintenance and repair.
  4. Samsung laser printer and multifunctional device service, warranty service.
  5. Laser printer toner cartridge refill and professional remanufacturing with warranty for:
    * HP, Canon, Samsung, Lexmark black-and-white laser printers
    * HP, Samsung, Konica Minolta color laser printers
    * Canon and SHARP personal copiers
  6. Copiers and Hewlett Packard office laser printers for rent.
  7. Used copiers and Hewlett Packard laser printers with FIX Ltd warranty.

Constant provision of clients with the high-quality service is a priority for our service centre. Our collaboration partners are direct OEM representatives in Latvia or Baltic States that provide us with the OEM replacement kits and spare parts from their storages. For the older model machines we use the trusted quality OEM-compatible KATUN parts that are cheaper than the OEM’s. We purchase them directly from Katun with no intermediaries.

For Canon, Hewlett Packard and Samsung printers and multifunctional devices only OEM spare parts are used. The exception is fixing film sleves in fuser assemblies , that lately are available from aftermarket manufacturers only.

For the laser printer toner cartridge refill and professional remanufactoring we use Static Control Components Ltd products that are purchased directly from the manufacturer more than 10 years. Because of the quality tests and high quality of the products we guarantee 100% quality of the cartridges refilled and remanufactured by us.

Our vast experience in the field proves that only OEM toner cartridges allow to get the highest printing quality, also the precise handwork of the technicians that is done by using the finest not sheapest materials only. I believe we have such technicians...

Unfortunalety, the Latvian market is also fulfilled with products called as OEM-compatible made in China that neither pass the quality tests nor satisfy customers. The majority of such products are unsucsessful copycats or just filled cartridges in a fancy packaging under an attractive name at a very low price. The majority of these names vanishes from the market in half-year, others are there for a year, then dissapear and come up under a different name again.

We are grateful to all our long-term clients that trusts us. We are ready to help the people that would like to bring their copying and printing systems into order and keep them running for a long time. If you have not found your Lanier, Rex Rotary, Kyocera, etc. on our list, give us a call and we will try to help you.

Andris Pāvelsons
FIX Copying Centre Manager